At Left Coast Services we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We don’t just haul away your junk, we spruce up the place too!

Our services include gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter guard installation, solar panel cleaning, estate cleanouts, apartment turnovers and more! We have professionals that can tackle your most difficult jobs. 

During the fall season, your gutters can get clogged with leaves, twigs, and other sediments that keeps rainwater from draining off your roof. This can cause water damage to your roof and eventually to your ceiling. 

Over time, it can even damage the gutters themselves.  As a general rule, gutters should be cleaned once a year towards the end of autumn when the trees have shed their leaves. 

You can clean the gutters yourself but the equipment will cost at least as much as a professional who already has the necessary equipment.


Solar Panels

Your solar panels need some love too. In order to produce power, they must be exposed to sunlight. Areas with high amounts of smog, dust, dirt, and blowing sand can become a problem, as can high bird activity. Lots of birds equal lots of poop, a definite casualty for solar panels. 

Solar panels are generally self-cleaning but even minimal amounts of dust can have an impact on there ability to produce energy. The best times to clean solar panels is on an overcast day,  early morning, or evening.

You may be tempted to do it yourself but solar panels can be easily damaged or broken without the right equipment. Scratches will cause shadows leaving the panel almost useless. Soft cloths and mild cleansers are best for cleaning them. 

If you have soft water you can rinse them with that but if your water is hard and full of minerals you must squeegee the panels to make sure deposits don’t settle on the glass. 

You can skip all the do-it-yourself maintenance and give us a call to do it for you. Our professional team has the necessary equipment to get the job done safely without damaging your property. 

Prevent damage and protect your home by contacting home professionals you can trust. Call or book with us online today!

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